At home in Hockney’s Yorkshire somewhere amidst the rolling Wolds and rugged coastline, stands our handsome Georgian hideaway. A family affair, brushed with Palladian hues and kissed with all things boutique; stroll amongst English gardens, sink into sumptuous interiors, share our table laden with consummate delights; before bed, cloaked in the softest of Yorkshire yarns.






Comforting to know

Even whilst wearing a mask

Our eyes can still smile


Paul, July 2020



Our family’s personality is by nature understated. We are careful to follow all health guidelines without fuss or comment. Tickton Grange is our house and our home. It is a place where our guests can relax, unwind and enjoy life with us in comfort and security.


Please note that our hotel will close after breakfast service on January 1st 2021, reopening on Monday 18th January.



Meticulous and regular sanitising throughout. No-touch, high quality hand cleaners.



Simple prompts to guide you in, on, and out


Social Distancing

Changed layouts combine safety with comfort



As warm as ever, just a little less close



One at a time, new main door locks, sanitise, simple



Now by card only, contactless where possible, all touch pads sanitised

after every use



Pre-arranged check in and check out. Sanitised key in bedroom. Fresh air,

fresh thinking, full comfort



We are blessed with an abundance, indoors and out. It’s yours to enjoy

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Tickton Grange Country Hotel & Restaurant, Tickton, Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 9SH. 01964 543666